I didn’t have much time to do an elaborate eye look. This week’s work schedule is earlier. 😦  But anyway, I thought this was a good chance to do a bold lip color. I think wearing purple as a lip color is pretty bold. Recently I purchased four of Magnolia Makeup’s Lip Fix. I now have five. They are very different colors and I plan on wearing each of them. Yes, even the blue one. O_o …as scared as I am to wear it. The color I wore today is one of the two purple colors I have. I like the texture of these. They are creamy and go on the lips as a satin finish. The more you apply, the more creamy it looks on your lips. They are quite pigmented. The pad of my ring finger is still a lil’ pink, hahaha!

I took a quick pic of me wearing the lip color:

I don’t know what’s going on with my concealer, but anyway…


6 thoughts on “Siked!

    • Yep, that’s how I’m thinkin’. I’m definitely gonna wear it somehow! Maybe 2012 will be my year of being seriously bold.

  1. nice color. i’ve been interested in getting one of these pots but hesitant because it’s in a pot….i hate products in pots other than mac’s paint pots lol

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