While on my trip to my retail therapy session…

…I came across an eyeliner (well, several). They are the NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear eyeliner. I came across it because my mom (yes, I went to Sephora with my mommy 🙂 She won a $50 gift card at work) wanted a black eyeliner  “that shows”. I went around looking for liners “that show” and I thought this one was the best. She asked how much (Moms, I tell ya…) and it’s a whopping $23. Yes, that’s a lot for a liner, BUT…it is awesome.  She said that she has to come back and get it another time.

I only got a chance to swatch the majority of them because some pencils were missing. 😦 However, I loved what I already swatched. Check out these beauties:

(From left to right): Santa Monica Blvd, St. Marks Place, Madison Ave, Rue Saint Honore, Rue De Rivoli, Rue Bonaparte and Via Veneto

The black one reminds me of MAC’s Feline kohlpower because of it being super black. When I took them off my hand, I had to scratch it a bit to get it off but it wasn’t difficult. I wonder if these have staying power. They better, for $23 a piece. My favorite ones are Santa Monica Blvd, Madison Ave, Rue Bonaparte and Via Vento. The one I like the least is St. Mark’s Place. It didn’t got on very even. It’s a pretty color, though.

As for what I got at Sephora…just these:

Urban Decay Maui Wowie eye shadow and Tarte emphasEYES Amazonian Clay waterproof liner in Black


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