CAUTION: Fluorescent nails

The week before Christmas or so, I purchased some nail polish goodies. One of them is called “Caution” and it’s a fluorescent yellow color that I just LOVE. The brand is Mattese Elite.  I always loved fluorescent colors for a nail polish.  So, I decided to treat myself and paint my own nails using this color.

First, I used a base coat (which is really a nail strengthener) called Nailtiques in Formula 2. Then I applied the Caution nail polish (about four coats) and then I used O.P.I.’s Top Coat for that nice shiny finish.

Here’s how it looks on my nails. Disclaimer: I didn’t get rid of the polish on my cuticles, so don’t be too alarmed. Hahahaha!

Boy, I can’t wait until I get this polish off my cuticles. Anyway…I’m not sure if the camera captured the brightness of this color, but it. is. BRIGHT! I think colors like this are perfect for the Winter. Who says you have to wear dark nail polish in the Winter?

Next color will be:


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