Magnolia Makeup lemmings

I finally got my Magnolia Makeup goodies from the newly released Big Easy collection!!!

This is a colorful and bright collection. This has a mixture of shimmery, satin and matte textures. I love all of the colors!

First is Ponchatoula:

This is a pretty berry pink color. It has a matte finish and applied smoothly when swatched on my hand.

Next is Big Easy:

This is a shimmery peach color that’s a TAD bit on the sheer side. I haven’t applied it to my lids, so I could be wrong. It’s still a pretty color, nonetheless.

Next is Creole Mustard:

One of my favorite colors in the bunch. This is a very pretty and muted yellow eye shadow. Even though it’s bright, I find it wearable. This also has a nice texture and is also matte.

Next is Sassafras:

This is another really pretty color. It’s green with gold speckles. When blended out, it can look more goldish, I guess because of the sparkles. Really, really pretty.

Next is Bywater:

This is just an ordinary blue. It SORT OF reminds me of Fire Water, but this is a tad bit lighter.

Next is Tchoupitoulas:

This is another pretty color! Another one of my faves from this collection. A really pretty blue color that has a matte finish. This would look really nice with Creole Mustard, or even a nice blue smokey eye.

And last is Regal:

This title pretty much fits the description. It is a gorgeous and REGAL looking purple. I love purple (it’s my favorite color), so this is definitely up my alley. The fact that it’s a matte makes me love it even more. I also love blue-based purples.

All the colors!!!

I cannot wait to come up with looks using these colors. I hope I can execute the looks well. Stay tuned! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Magnolia Makeup lemmings

  1. i had no idea Magnolia released new collections! i’ve been so busy the last few weeks; needless to say your swatches made me place an order. can’t wait for them to arrive!!!

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