I’ve found MY hot pink nail polish!!!

Oh, my gosh! For a while, I’ve been searching for THE hot pink nail polish. I’ve tried OPI and Essie and it was bright, but not neon enough. Randomly, I came across a blog (which is now one of my fav nail polish blogs), and saw this post and I found it. I found MY hot pink nail polish. That polish is China Glaze’s “Shocking Pink”. What an awesome hot (and neon) pink color!!! I absolutely love it. I went to Sally Beauty over the weekend, and saw that they had a “buy two nail polishes and get one free” sale. I was happy, of course. So I took advantage of that sale:

As you can see…I purchased several nail polishes, hahaha! (including a base coat and a top coat). The bright pink one is THE Shocking Pink that I wanted. Let me tell you how I almost didn’t get my hands on it. (Just the thought 😦 ) When I went to Sally Beauty, I took a good look at all the nail polishes to see which ones were going home with me. I looked at the China Glaze display, saw the label “Shocking Pink”…and saw nothing there. I was like “Dang…womp, womp.” Still, I looked at the other beautiful colors that were available. I noticed that there were some nail polishes that weren’t in their appropriate sections. Gotta love people who don’t put things back in their proper place. Anyway, there was a row of a bright pink nail polish, but that wasn’t the hot pink I wanted. After picking up some polishes that I wanted, I saw this one random hot pink that was close to the row of the other pink nail polishes. I just happened to pick it up and look at the label underneath, and saw that it said….SHOCKING PINK!!!

I was too thrilled and immediately added it to my arsenal, LOL. OMGosh! Come on…you guys know that was just for me! I mean…it was the ONLY Shocking Pink that was there! Too perfect of a scenario! I had plans to use one of my Butter nail polishes next, but Shocking Pink jumped in front of the line. Man, I was so happy.

I didn’t get to paint my nails that night since it was my momma’s birthday and we went out to eat. So the next day, I painted my nails. I used Orly’s Bonder base coat, then applied the Shocking Pink and finished it off with Orly’s In a Snap top coat. (It’s a quick dry top coat!) The Shocking Pink has a thick texture and it dries off into a dull type of texture (for the lack of a better word.)  I used three coats ot it and it is pretty opaque, which is great.

Here’s how it looks on my nails (it wasn’t easy to capture the neon of the color on camera):

With flash

Without flash

I was able to capture the neon, by using my beloved iPhone! It’s practically glowing.

I absolutely love this color. (did I say that, already?)  This color is perfect for the Summer, but I’m not a huge fan of following the rules of wearing certain colors only in certain months/seasons. I pretty much wear whatever I desire, LOL. I definitely can see myself wearing this more often! This would be hot on the toes. Now I wanna get into their other neon colors. I’ve read that China Glaze makes really nice neon polishes.


2 thoughts on “I’ve found MY hot pink nail polish!!!

  1. I love nail polish and I love when you feature nails. What are the othe colors you purchased? I have Orly Bonder but I’m afraid to use it because I read that it causes your nail to yellow. Also on your prior blog, you used to get Shellac or something like that, are you over that ?

    • In my prior blog, I used to use Seche Vite top coat (it’s too thick for my liking). I don’t remember what I used to use as a base coat. I haven’t read about Orly’s Bonder making your nails yellow. I’ve only used it once so I’ll see how my nails look when I take the polish off.

      The other colors I purchased are (in the order of the picture) China Glaze “Rise Among The Thorns”, China Glaze “Ahoy!”, China Glaze “In the Lime”, China Glaze “Shocking Pink”, China Glaze “Lubu in Heels” and Orly “Hot Shot”.

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