The Makeup Show NYC Blogger Preview and Day 1

I was quite excited about this past weekend. It was going to pretty much be an event-filled weekend…and it all has to do with MAKEUP!!! Woohoo! So this weekend started off with the Blogger Preview. I finally got the chance to attend this year, because the other years I couldn’t due to another engagement. I met up with two blogging buddies (Hey, Amina and Shica!) and we went to the event after killing some time in SoHo.  This day was beautiful and the sun was beaming…and we learned just how hot the sun was, when we were waiting on the line to go in.

After the preview was done, there was a lounge type of setting where we had hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. There was also some body paint involved. They were inspired by Andy Warhol.

Here’s our goodies!!!

Okay, so finally the Makeup Show began the next day. I woke up pretty early and to be honest, it’s best to do that because you get the most out of the show. I spent more time going to the seminars than buying…even though I did spend some (okay, a lot) of money. I kinda forgot to take a lot of pictures due to the excitement of it all. So here’s some.  This is a series of pictures of the stations that I stopped by and…everything else.

This station was PACKED. It always is, though. Thank goodness I can shop at the store in my hometown, anyway. 🙂

Some of the Makeup Show crowd

This company had some cool nail polish pens. I didn’t get a chance to get them, but I will check them out later!

This was Benefit’s first time at The Makeup Show. I was excited to see them there and the amount I spent shows how I excited I was, LOL.

Benefit’s table. They released a new book on eyebrows. I didn’t finish read it yet, but so far…it’s a great book!!! Funny, too!

Me, Amina, representatives and the owner and Shica

The Christine Valmy station

Christine Valmy products

More of their products

Armour lip glosses. These were so pretty that it was hard for me to choose just one. I ended up getting the orange one. How’s THAT for restraint?! I’m proud of myself.

@ the Beauty Addicts’ station.

Mascara and lip glosses

More products

Foundation, powder, blush and lip products

I saw this body paint and I HAD to take a picture. Make Up For Ever usually does a great job with body paint.

As usual, the Make Up For Ever station was packed. This picture doesn’t even capture the crowd that was here. That’s why I didn’t even hit up that station, LOL.

I had to make my way to Magnolia Makeup’s station. I got to purchase their newest collection that comes out on June 21st.

Magnolia Makeup’s foundations and blushes. Look at how vibrant those blushes look!

The owners of Magnolia Makeup, Niala and Tia!

Random swatch of all of the new Make Up For Ever Aqua jumbo pencil eyeshadows. I personally prefer the matte finish, but they’re all beautiful. These babies don’t come off.

One seminar I attended was Johnny Lavoy’s seminar! It was exciting. He gave some good pointers. Here’s some that I took note of:

  1. He uses red lipstick on the skin to cancel out blueish-green!
  2. For concealer, he suggest to go light.
  3. When he contours the face, he used a Make Up For Ever’s darker shade of Full Coverage concealer. I’m sure you can use a different brand, but he used this one for his seminar.
  4. In terms of apply false eyelashes, he applies the lash glue as if he’s applying eye liner and then adds the lashes.
  5. Ardell #53 is his favorite false eyelashes. 

Here are some pictures of the seminar:

Johnny already started contouring, here.

Here, he started to apply eye shadow. He used a drugstore product! Maybelline, to be exact!

Olympic figure skater, Oksana Baiul and Johnny Lavoy’s mother!!!

The wig came on…

…and the dress was revealed!

NOT the best picture (LOL), BUT this works in terms of showing the eye makeup.

Lastly, I attended another seminar called “Beauty and the Blog”:

The Panel: Victoria Stiles, Sherry Blossom, Lianne Farbes, Felicia Benson Walker, Tia Williams and Jennifer James

I liked this seminar a lot sans the beauty blogger shade thrown by a makeup artist. However, thankfully the ladies on the panel defended us. Thank you, very much!!! They also had some pointers. One that stuck out to me was “Do not bash a company because you didn’t like a product.” How many times have I seen that? It’s just not a good look, and it ruins your chances at…a lot of things.

Well, that wraps it up for my Day 1 post. This day was great! I was pleased to purchase some things from the NARS station and the customer service was GREAT! After the show, I hanged out and ate some dinner with Amina and Shica and we headed home…well, hotel for them, LOL. But boy were we tired! It was a day well spent.


4 thoughts on “The Makeup Show NYC Blogger Preview and Day 1

  1. Wow I love the eye lash glue trick! I
    Always have an issue getting the glue to line up right, but this trick will help a lot! Thanks for sharing this info. I hope to make it next year!

    • I hope so too! This show is a lot of fun and informative. I still have yet to master the glue to the lash line trick, LOL. But it’s a great tip!

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