Back 2 MAC

No, not the program where you take back 6 empties and get a free product! I’m talking about me going back to using/wearing MAC eyeshadows. I’m a candidate for trying out different makeup companies, but I always find myself coming right back to wearing MAC.

That is the case especially with eyeshadows! I have soooo many eyeshadows by MAC…well, I have soooo many eyeshadows in general, LOL. BUT I decided to replace the old with the new! I had some that disappeared, I had some that broke and I had some that were just old. Although there are many beauties that are limited edition, I realized that the I fancy the permanent ones much more.

So I upgraded my personal MAC eyeshadow stash by purchasing some new ones and also getting the new empty 15 eyeshadow palette. I thought it was a better idea to have a palette full of shadows that I’ll reach for the most.

Check out my new stash:


Each palette:


First row: Expensive Pink, Coral, Rule, Red Brick, Coppering and Arena
Second row: Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Bronze, Goldmine, Goldenrod, Wedge
Third row: Soft Brown, Saddle, Brown Script, Electra, Copperplate, Typographic


First row: Bitter, Bio Green, Lucky Green, Humid, Velvet Moss, Club
Second row: Bottle Green, Plumage, Steamy, Aqua, Freshwater, Clarity
Third row: Moon’s Reflection, Contrast, Seedy Pearl, Stars N Rockets, Fig. 1, Sketch

I’m in love all over again! I’m so obsessed with them, that I just sit or lay and just stare at ’em! LOL! Is anyone one of you just as crazy as me and does this?

I’m excited to come up with looks using these shadows. I want to add a couple more (Bisque and Deep Damson). I’m currently doing some reading on color theory, to help me come up with color combos. 🙂

Have you had those moments when you fall back in love with MAC, even after branching out to other makeup brands?


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