My (makeup) week in photos!

Here’s how I’ve been beating my face this past week (and some other stuff):

My locs are gettin’ there! 😉


EYES: MAC Clarity e/s, MAC Plumage e/s, MAC Saddle e/s (I think), and MAC Goldmine e/s


EYES: MAC 3D Gold glitter and MAC Saddle e/s (I think, LOL)
LIPS: MAC Quick Sizzle lipstick and MAC Vino lip liner


Rockin’ my red lips w/ my hoodie

EYES: MAC Bamboo e/s, MAC Handwritten e/s, MAC Texture e/s, MAC Brown Script e/s, MAC Goldmine e/s, MAC Ricepaper e/s
LIPS: MAC Ruby Woo l/s and MAC Burgundy lip liner


EYES: MAC Patina e/s, MAC Bronze e/s, MAC Saddle e/s, MAC Brown Script e/s
LIPS: Illamasqua Eurydice lipstick


Gold lips I did for “Oscar Gold” for Drini’s challenge. (Bobbi Brown clear gloss and MAC Gold pigment)


12 thoughts on “My (makeup) week in photos!

    • Thank ya! A lil’ while ago I was close to cutting them off but I’m soooo glad I didn’t. Acting on impulse is…just not good. Lol!

    • You don’t necessarily have to get the same shadows I have. It can simply be something similar in color. 🙂

      In terms of my nails, I had them professionally done. They are called stiletto nails!

    • This is my first time having them, so I have no idea! I hope not, LOL! But I read about this particular salon that says that they don’t damage the real nails. Let’s hope that’s true!

      BTW: If you want to get the same shadows, you can! I’m just saying that it’s not necessary, because you might have something very similar in your stash. I don’t want you running out there getting every lil’ thing, LOL. 😉

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