Pressed pigments

Hey, everyone! It’s been a lil’ while since I’ve posted on here. So, while I’m here…I want to talk about MAC Pressed Pigments. It’s not a new product, but it’s rather new to me, since I purchased it recently.  I only purchased two which are Deeply Dashing (dark brown with silver sparkles) and Day Gleam (a kind of golden champagne-y shade with silver sparkles). I don’t know what happened originally. I went to a MAC store near my job and swatched them on my hand…and it was terrible. I have the faintest idea why that happened, because when I went to another MAC store one weekend, I swatched them with a MA and fell in love. I did only two looks with them.

First one:



I used Deeply Dashing on the outer corners and Day Gleam in the middle. To darken the outer corners, I used NARS Galapagos eyeshadow. I blended the crease area with a brown eyeshadow. I forgot which one, I’m sorry.

Next, I used just one pressed pigment for this look:



I used Day Gleam on the lid and MAC Soft Brown and then MAC Saddle in the crease.

I find that it’s best to use your fingers to apply it on the lid, although the MA at the second MAC store I went to, showed me how to use a brush to apply the pressed pigments (with Fix +). I feel like you get a better feel/control when you use your fingers. You can build up the pigment to your liking. Because I love these shadows so much, I’ll be purchasing about a few more. The black one (Jet Couture), for sure!!!


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