M.A.C. “Fashion Sets” lipsticks

As usual, I waited until I wore all of the lipsticks from this collection to do this post. I think this collection of lipsticks is one of the best I’ve seen MAC come out with. ALL matte?! I mean, hellooooo?! Bright colors, too?! Chile…

Let me just say, I almost didn’t get my hands on Heroine lipstick. I already have one (that’s close to being almost finished) and a backup from the collection that it came out with last year, but since it’s my absolute favorite lipstick and it’s a LE product…there was no way that I wouldn’t have felt anything, if I didn’t get my hands on it. I would have been a lil’ vexed, LOL! Heroine lipstick was SOLD OUT, so quickly. You basically didn’t have a chance, if you live in New York City like myself. But thankfully, a  very special person was able to hook me up (you know who you are, and I can’t thank you enough). I mean…even the lipgloss and the lip pencil was sold out. It’s not a joke. One should not have to be this cuckoo for lipstick, but I can’t say that I don’t understand the hype. What I don’t get are the stories I’ve read about people actually FIGHTING to get this lipstick. Y’all…it’s not that serious. It really isn’t. Heroine is amazeballs, but not enough to throw punches.

Anyway, I’m digressing a bit so instead of going off a serious tangent, let me get into the lipsticks. Pictures and a description coming right up! 🙂

Here we go:

Embrace Me!

photo (49)

THIS lipstick is the second one I HAD to get my hands on. If I couldn’t get Heroine, I HAD to get this one. I fell in love with the type of pink this is. To be honest with y’all…I like this type of pink a lot more than Pink Pigeon and Candy Yum-Yum, although they also are beautiful pinks. The only problem I had is that it also has the same weird texture that I mentioned Pink Pigeon has. I can’t really explain. I guess I could say that it’s not as smooth as Heroine lipstick. It kind of gets sort of chunky (for the lack of a better word). Despite all that, I still got me a backup. It’s that beautiful.

Embrace Me also looks HAWT, when taking a picture using flash:

photo (48)

Next is Silly:

photo (47)

I actually like this lipstick. It might be considered the least awesome out of the four, but it’s really not that bad. I like the way it looks with my skin tone. For some reason, I like to wear pink lips with heavy black eyeliner. This lipstick’s texture is much better than Embrace Me.

Here’s a closeup:

photo (54)

Purty, right?

Next is Ablaze:

photo (51)

(DISCLAIMER: Forget that my skin color looks strange, LOL. It was a foundation that I was trying out…and returned. Now back to the scheduled program.
Now, this…I probably should’ve gotten a backup of, LOL. It’s a BRIGHT coral lipstick…that’s actually coral. Some lipsticks that are labeled as coral are actually a salmon color, or a peach color…or almost orange. This lipstick is coral for sure! I love it. I haven’t seen it look bad on one person, yet. Not one. And it looks good on Black women. REALLY good.

…and do I even have to talk about Heroine?! Y’all already know:

photo (52)

Loooooove me some Heroine lipstick!


4 thoughts on “M.A.C. “Fashion Sets” lipsticks

  1. I have been waiting for the review and it is here woo-hoo. You look nice in all of the colors. I felt the same way about Embrace Me. I like it better than the other two pinks. I missed out on getting a back-up. I did manage to get the Heroine and Embrace Pencils. Did you get any pencils?

    • I already had Embrace Me lip pencil from a past collection, so I didn’t have to get that. I didn’t get any other liners from this collection. I wanted Heroine, but that was pretty much gone, everywhere.

  2. i got heroine and ablaze, the other two didn’t excite me lol they all look lovely on you! i love seeing what lipsticks you get from these collections because they all fit you so well!

    • Awww, thank you! 🙂

      Heroine and Ablaze are great lipsticks choices. ‘Especially Ablaze…such a bright and pretty color.

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