Woooo, it’s hot!

…hot, I tell ya!!! That’s why I’ve spent most of these summer days not wearing…anything. I don’t know what it’s like where you guys live, but it’s been HOT here, in NYC. And humid. And gross. That kind of hot/humidity where you’re sweating while you’re showering. Yuck.

We’ve had some rain that finally broke the heat wave, and today I can finally wear some makeup.

With all that being said…I still kept it simple. LOL! I needed an excuse to wear my Riri Woo. We’re not gonna talk about why I have four now. I’ve been feenin’ to rock a red lip! Here’s my simple look:

photo (67)

photo (65)

photo (66)

FACE: BECCA Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation in Tobacco, Kevyn Aucoin SSE in SX09, Ben Nye Banana Powder

EYES: UDPP, BECCA Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer in Coffee

CHEEKS: NARS Orgasm blush, MAC Rio Mineralize Skinfinish for a highlight (I also applied it to my nose, chin and forehead.)

LIPS: MAC Riri Woo lipstick and MAC Vino lip liner


6 thoughts on “Woooo, it’s hot!

    • No, I didn’t! I actually wasn’t planning to get anything from this collection. It’s the MA’s fault!!! LOLOL! Nah, but she pretty much sold me on the Rio. It’s a beautiful highlight, especially for the Summer. Very nice for my complexion.

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