MAC Retro Matte Collection: “Flat Out Fabulous” and “All Fired Up”


I couldn’t wait for all my lipsticks to be in my possession, in order to do one post…so I’ll just break them up into parts. LOL! My first set of lipsticks I received were Flat Out Fabulous and All Fired Up. I do NOT regret getting these, since they are BEAUTIFUL colors.

Flat Out Fabulous is…well…FABULOUS. It’s described as a bright plum matte, but um…is it just me or it looks fuschia? Well, it does on my lips! I love it, anyway.

Here’s Flat Out Fabulous by itself:


Of course I had to spruce it up with some MAC Currant liner. Lining my lips is my thing, now:


And just the lips…


And now, All Fired Up. This is described as a bright fuschia and…um…again…it doesn’t look fuschia to me at all. It’s actually kind of reddish. Like Flat Out Fabulous, I love it too!

Check out this shade by itself:


And then Currant lip liner added to it…I guess Currant is THAT liner:



Loves it!!!

I love these lipsticks. Of course, these two are gonna get some wear. Next coming up are Relentlessly Red, Dangerous and Fixed on Drama. So stay tuned!!!


2 thoughts on “MAC Retro Matte Collection: “Flat Out Fabulous” and “All Fired Up”

    • Thank you!!!

      I love my lip colors. I can see why you favor the 2nd one more. It is a really pretty color. If you can, make sure you get them on Thursday!

      I wear glasses everyday, but I usually don’t wear them in pictures. LOL! I should, though. It’s more “me”.

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