Well it’s about doggone time!!! I can’t believe after all these years….a Sephora is coming to my town. They’ve always been known to be in the city (read: Manhattan). It even entered Queens before Brooklyn. No shade, but I’mmmmmm just sayin’. Who’s the more popular borough? LOL. Anywho…yes, this is a GREAT thing. Brooklyn really is developing into something else. I have my thoughts about that, but Sephora is a great addition, so no  complaints here. LOL!!! It will be opening on Friday, November 1st.

Yesterday, I had to walk down the block  from where I was coming from to see the progress, annnnnd…


…it’s almost heeeeeeere!!!

They are having a special where if you are there when the doors open, you can get nice gifts such as $25, $50, and even $100 gift cards. I NEED that, but I will not be up early to wait on line for that. LOL. Some people need their sleep so that they can be functional at work. BUT I will be there on the day it opens. I just wanna see it’s fabulousness. Now I almost don’t have to go to Manhattan just to go to Sephora anymore. However, that’s ONLY if they will carry brands like BECCA. BECCA isn’t sold at all the Sephoras. If this location doesn’t carry BECCA, then I’ll have to make that trek to the city. No biggie, though.

I can’t wait to go inside! I will be taking pictures. LOL. Stay tuned.


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