Fiery nails

I finally got the chance to do my nails! I got out of my lazy slump (for now) and did my nails using the new polishes I purchased from the Sephora VIB sale. It wasn’t easy taking photos of this simply because of a Formula X for Sephora top coat called “Hyperactive”. It is a clear top coat that has a foil lookalike texture that reflects gold, orange and green and it also resembles fire. It’s pretty awesome and I thought it would be awesome to apply over a black nail polish. I used Forumula X for Sephora nail polish in “Dark Matter”.

Check ’em out:


I wish I could take a better photo, but it’s difficult! No way does this picture do any justice.

My nails kind of remind me of Katniss’ and Peeta’s costumes, when they were riding on their chariot in the movie “Catching Fire”:


 Looooove it!!!!


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