Operation Skin Care.

I’ve been a very bad girl. Lately for several weeks, I’ve had issues making sure I take off my makeup completely before falling asleep. Sometimes I haven’t removed my makeup at all. For all my life, I’ve been fortunate in terms of having decent skin. I’m a hardcore Pepsi drinker and my diet isn’t the greatest, but it certainly doesn’t entirely suck. ‘But since I’ve not been consistently removing my makeup before bed, my skin hasn’t been fortunate as a result. I’ve developed a few dark spots and several brown marks throughout my face. I’ve even had BUMPS. Not many bumps, but way more than what I’m used to. (I have one bump right now!) I’ve developed brown marks within a couple to a few years, but I noticed an increase of them after me being bad.

Because of all that, I’ve decided to pay more attention to my skin and give my skin a break from wearing foundation for a while. For about two weeks straight, I will refrain from wearing any type of foundation. This will be difficult (LOL), but it must be done. You only get one face, and I’m no longer in my teens nor early twenties, so I really must be on it with my skin. My youth must be preserved. LOL.

The products I’ve decided to use are more natural-based (or all-natural products) to really give my skin a treat. I still have quite a few products in my arsenal, so at the moment I don’t necessarily have to buy anything else. (However, I do have about two products I want to try.)  I plan to use products mainly from three lines which are Whipped Body Goods, Ixora Botanical Beauty and Mario Badescu.

I’m currently using products from Whipped Body Goods. Here are the products that I’m using:

1. Whipped Body Goods Oil Cleanser (I’m going to do the Oil Cleansing Method.)

2. Whipped Body Goods Facial Creme (This stuff feels like Winterfresh gum on my face. So cooling!)

I started my routine last night and here’s how my face looks:


You can see the brown spots all over my face. My undereye darkness is also apparent.


This side looks better. I have some redness on my face due to me just giving my skin a good cleansing and then removing it with a washcloth. I think the washcloth exfoliated my skin a great deal, LOL!

Other products I’m very interested in are the Facial Scrub, Night Time Eye Creme and the Green Tea & Rose Toner.

At any given time, I might change products. I might rotate between the three brands I previously stated, or I might use all three brands in my skin routine at the same time. I might also just stick with one brand. We shall see. I will do future posts about my progress, and discuss what products I’m using at the time of the post.

I will allow “cheating”, in terms of what products I’ll use on my face. The “definites” will be lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and brow products. The “maybes” will be blush, powder (blotting) and concealer- for my undereye area. (I probably should move concealer to the “definites” list.) Another possible maybe will be the [real] BB creams such as Skin79, but my goal is to not wear anything like foundation/tinted moisturizer on my face.

I’ve started wearing minimal makeup today and here’s how it looks:

Skin3 Skin4

I washed my face with a small amount of Neutrogena’s Facial Soap (bar form), since I didn’t think it was necessary to use the oil cleanser. I plan to replace the bar soap with using the toner instead. I then moisturized with the Facial Creme. All the makeup I have on in these pics are NARS Coconut Grove eyeshadow for my brows, NARS Larger Than Life Longwear eyeliner on my upper lash line, L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and MAC All Fired Up lipstick and MAC Nightmoth lip liner on my lips. THAT’S IT!!! Nothing else!

Even though I am already missing wearing foundation, this is for the best! I’m getting used to it already. I look forward to seeing my skin flourish.  🙂

Stay tuned for future posts!


5 thoughts on “Operation Skin Care.

  1. Beautiful. You are going to love not wearing foundation.and blush. I only do my eyes and lips. I wear blush sometimes only because I purchased them

    • Thank you!!!

      love blush, so I will miss not wearing it for a while. It’s still early, but I thought I’d miss wearing foundation the most, but…I probably won’t miss wearing it as much as I think. LOL! Who knows…maybe after the two weeks are up, I probably won’t need to wear foundation ever again!!! That would be great to wear foundation only when I want to and not need to!

  2. You still look nice. I look forward to seeing your face with less make-up, only because I RARELY wear make-up and I’d like to see how I could possibly look with minimal or no make-up. (I’m a major late bloomer.)

    • That’s what I’m trying to figure out. LOL! If I do actual looks, I’m gonna have to pull out a concealer. ‘But that’s much better than using a foundation, and I’ll only be wearing the concealer underneath the eyes, since that’s the most noticeable dark area.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something. 🙂

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