I’m starting over.


If any of you guys noticed in my past posts (including the comments) I mentioned that I was going to start from scratch? “Why?” you say?! It’s because I basically had an epiphany. (LOL) Now, it is not my intention to offend anyone with this post. Hopefully people will understand where I’m coming from.

I got into the world of makeup due to wanting to conceal the eternally annoying part of my face…my under-eye circles. Super dark. I hate them. Anyway…yes, it started about a lil’ before a year after I came home from graduating college. My mother informed me that concealer was needed since I had dark under-eye circles. She told me to go to MAC to get a concealer. I went and got matched (along with purchasing Expensive Pink and Bronze eye shadows…along with Vanilla pigment) and got a Select Cover-Up concealer in NC45. It made me look flawless. Who knew that incident would spark something I never knew I had in me?!…A love for makeup! Most of you can relate, in terms of ending up buying from almost all the 50-11 collections that MAC released. Then when I branched into other brands…oye vey! ‘Money just leaving my checking account in droves, I tell ya. Then I got into wearing foundation and fell in love with that, too. Most of us beauty lovers have also fell into the world of YouTube, blogs, etc…

…seven years later, I had a change of thought. I realized that makeup wasn’t exactly what I thought it was. Of course it’s so much fun! I’m not talking about that. It’s not just about a bunch of bright colors and looking “beat”. There’s actually a science to it. It’s not only about application…but applying makeup according to eye shape, eye color, face structure, the different undertones of skin…etc. One thing I learned that’s extremely important is that color theory is…extremely important!!! How can you properly apply the right foundation or color correct a complexion problem if you don’t know color theory? It’s especially important for people who are makeup artists or those who aspire to be makeup artists (ex. Me!) Never mind the fact that I actually have a color wheel…still didn’t take into consideration how important it is. SMH. #FAIL

While I was experiencing a growing love for makeup, I wanted to learn more and more…but during the “epiphany” I realized I was most likely educated the wrong way. I was so inspired by doing a whole bunch of colors on my lid (not that anything is wrong with that, y’all know I LOVE me some color)…but I didn’t learn the basics first. I jumped right into wanting to be a pro! I guess the pressure of blogger, YouTube gurus…and then Instagrammers made me feel that way. There was a pressure to be so skilled. There STILL is a pressure to be skilled, to be honest. Unfortunately, all of this made me seriously doubt my own skills. I had my “comparing myself to others” game on lock. Who knew that it ended being that I was actually following the wrong crowd the whole time?! The ones that are not IG/YouTube/blogger famous were the ones I NEEDED to follow the whole time. THEY were the ones that I needed to learn makeup from. Pat McGrath. James Vincent. Kevin James Bennett.  Rae Morris. Jennifer James. Sam Fine. Scott Barnes. Danessa Myricks,  Romero Jennings, Theresa Francine, and MANY more.

So now…it’s basically like I have to re-educate myself. I have to press “Delete” on just about everything I learned and have to program the essentials back into my brain.  I’ve already started that process by attending a workshop  next month by the one and only Kevin James Bennett. I’m VERY excited about that. I’m going to be nervous as all heck, but that’s pretty much how I feel on a consistent basis, LOL. (But it’s a good nervous, this time.) I’ve even purchased books such as “Color” by Betty Edwards, “The Makeup Artist Handbook” by Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall. I already have Kevyn Aucoin’s books, which are a must have if you don’t already have them. I have Sam Fine’s book too. I also plan to purchase some DVDs from Danessa Myricks. Instead of going to the Makeup Show to spend, spend, spend more than anything…most of the time will be devoted to attending hands-on workshops and also attending the keynotes and the Kit Focus seminars. It is a much better investment to spend money on those workshops because you will walk away with EDUCATION and sharpening a skill so that you will know how to use products correctly. That will end up being cheaper in the long run because you’ll end up not spending so much money on products. It’s about working with what you have and you really don’t need a lot. It’s about being a slave to the art and not the product (thank you, Sutan Amrull for that).

But enough about products, my goal from now on is to learn as much as I can about makeup artistry. I want to learn about color theory…so much that it’s deeply ingrained in me. I want to learn how to use products the way they were intended (my problem has always been being too heavy-handed). I also want to learn more about facial shapes/structure, how to match ALL skintones, lighting, shading…all the above!!! This is pretty much a new journey for me and it’s kind of scary. Hopefully I’ll come across the right people while on this path ,and I will be able to not only obtain tons of knowledge but to really hone my skills to a much higher level.

🙂     ❤


9 thoughts on “I’m starting over.

  1. I am so excited for you Erin!!!!!!!!
    You are heading to a new chapter in makeup!!!!!! I can’t wait to see where it leads you!

  2. I am so glad you wrote this post. What I’m taking from it-is you don’t need spend, spend spend. As I said before I think “Big things” are in your future.

  3. I know it ‘s much more than that for you,LOL . You ‘re seeking great knowledge to up your craft. I was just saying for me, I don’t need to keep spending.

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