Hey, hey, hey!!!

I know I haven’t been consistent in terms of posting a lot on here. I’m sorry about that. I did not create this blog only to do absolutely nothing. I’ve just been lazy chillin’. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve been wearing what would be considered by the masses “boring” looks. Just base products, a lip color, eye liner and mascara. Nothing much. I’ve been wanting to tap into my creative side and add more color to my lids, but then that feeling…fell off. Sometimes it’s just a huge struggle to find motivation and to actually…move. Now that Summer is approaching very soon, I hope it won’t be any more difficult for me to do more with my face. I wonder if it’s really laziness no motivation, or that I’ve moved on to having a different look. I wonder if it was a phase that I passed. I hope not, because I have too many eyeshadows for that. LOL. I think it might be something deeper, but yea. I really need to PUSH myself to be more creative.

With that said…look forward to more FOTDs using color, a post about my experience attending Kevin James Bennett’s makeup workshop 🙂 and a post about my current favorites. I thought about doing videos, but they won’t be tutorials…just me chatting about things…but then again, what is going to be so different than what other YouTubers are doing/saying? Aren’t there enough tutorials, Outfit of The Day, Haul, Reviews, Weave bundle promotional codes, tags? (Well…the tags would be a lot of fun, LOL.) I just don’t see myself doing anything different from the rest, which is why I’ve been hesitant with posting YT videos. In terms of tutorials…to be honest I’ve always felt that I was ahead of myself posting tutorials as I’m not really a professional. I know folks will disagree that one has to be a pro to do tutorials, but I don’t know…I just felt it was always wrong. LOL.

Anywho…yes, look out for those type of posts. I actually do look forward to it and I’m currently working on my “Favorites”. Stay tuned. 😉


2 thoughts on “Hey, hey, hey!!!

  1. ha haha weave promotional bundles code!!!! Too funny! I don’t blame you for lack of “beyond the basic” looks. How is the humidiity in New York? That might also be a factor! Here, by the time you step outside within a few minutes, I start sweating!!
    Also I’ve always enjoyed your videos where you just talk. I’d love to see them if you decide to make them! One of my favorite was one you did a few years ago about a makeover at Bobbi Cosmetics

    • The humidity in New York isn’t that bad, actually. It’s really the sun that’s just making the weather warm, but I am not complaining since this past Winter was pretty ratchet. LOL! But my lack of wearing bold color looks is really due to not having as much time to do color (getting to work on time) and not having as much motivation to do it on my face. Some other stuff too, but I’ll email you about that. LOL

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