“Foundations of Makeup”

On June 5th this year, I attended a much needed class…and it was taught by no other than Kevin James Bennett. This was a pretty big deal since a) after deciding to pursue makeup artistry, I needed something like this. Education. B) It was a hands-on class that was for a VERY good price and C) Um, hello?! It’s Kevin James Bennett! Who wouldn’t attend a makeup workshop, the teacher being a VETERAN/SENIOR artist that has a wealth of knowledge?! One would be foolish to pass on this…at least I would’ve been foolish, LOL.

It was held on the second floor at the store Kenig + Alcone. For those of you who don’t know, this store was created by Ricky Kenig who also created the beauty store Ricky’s (one of my favorite places to shop) that are throughout the Manhattan borough of New York City (also two locations in Brooklyn). Another store that I also love called Alcone , which is a store that sells the top of the line professional makeup. That company has been in business for many years, and many makeup artists are familiar with it. So basically Ricky’s and Alcone were joined together!!!

It was quite convenient that it was held there because generally speaking, it isn’t a difficult place to get to by transit. We were required to bring a basic kit which consists of foundation, concealer, a flash palette, brushes and sanitation products. So I lugged my Stilazzi bag full of stuff….which I really didn’t need to carry as much as I did. *sigh* So …as I entered there, I was a bit anxious regarding what’s to come. He arrived not very long after and I was just like O_O. It was a bit surreal to be in his presence. ‘Not to make him sound like he’s a god or anything, but many people pay loads of money or try their hardest to get in the environment with the likes of him…and here I am sitting not even close to thirty feet away from where he’s standing. So we start with introductions with each of us stating who we are, what we do now, where we’re from and why we are taking this class. I was the last person and…ya know…if I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve written this down so that I sounded perfect. LOL. I’m a bit socially awkward so I didn’t get to say what I really wanted to say in terms of “Why I’m taking this class”. I didn’t even mention that I was an aspiring makeup artist. Cue the Fail Horn song, someone!!! *sigh* Anywho…after he talked about some things, he went into what’s extremely important for makeup artists to know:


The infamous “Color Wheel”

It is important that we know this like the back of our hand, so that we do our work properly each and every time. Of course it’s a learning experience that takes time with experience and studying, but it’s absolutely necessary to know this. This is why I mentioned in the past that I was “starting over” because I really want to understand makeup artistry. I feel like that along with practicing techniques will really help me regarding how I apply makeup on clients. The students also received a folder with lots of information that included the History of Makeup, Kit Essentials for Film/TV production set, Maintenance and Sanitation, Understanding Color Theory in Makeup and a glossary of makeup terms. Very informative! I still have yet to dive into it more intensely, but I will since Summer vacation is approaching…so I will have time to do so. Can’t wait!

In terms of Color Theory, Kevin went more into it by showing us how colors work in terms of making foundation. He stated that ALL foundations (no matter what brand it is) start off with the colors Red, Ultramarine Blue, Black, White and Yellow! He then showed us how to make flesh colors using those same colors using a flash palette by Ben Nye. I’m soooooo going to try this using my Make Up For Ever Flash palette. I saw it done at a presentation at this year’s Makeup Show and I also saw it in makeup artist, Yisell Santos’ blog post. However, it was so nice to see this in person…like, right in my face! LOL! That really inspired me to try this on my own! After that was done we took a break and went to lunch. that was provided for us. During that time we got to chat with each other.

After we came back, we did the hands-on part of the workshop. We broke up in twos and then did each others’ faces. That was interesting. I’ll just say…I have a long way to go in terms of color matching. I wasn’t completely off ,but now I see where I have to practice. I practiced on a lighter-skinned Asian woman who is a makeup artist. That made me nervous. LOL. I ended up doing a “clean look” since this class was about complexion anyway. I did some cheek color and lip color and that’s it. Kevin even said I did a good job. He was actually disappointed that none of us messed up badly. LOLOL! Lemme tell you…Kevin is a CHARACTER. What I love about him is that he is so knowledgeable, funny and HONEST. He will not BS you in terms of how products work. If it sucks, he will say it sucks. I trust his opinion, also. He is also a great teacher. I was very honored to be under his instruction. After the class was done, I had the opportunity to shop for some things and also talk to Kevin. Learned some stuff even then…what foundation powders are good (Graftobian) and they can even be used as contour powders. Writing this post made me even more excited in my journey to being a makeup artist. It was dwindling a lil’ bit (there goes that pesky lack of motivation again), but it’s coming back. First, I will start off with doing my “creating foundation shades”exercise and also practice on familiar folks. Can’t wait!

I’m so glad that I was able to have the opportunity to attend this class. I went through some things in order to be able to do this, but it was worth it. Hopefully I will be able to attend more classes in the future. I plan to, actually. There’s never a time that you stop learning! Kevin even said this and it’s true. The moment you stop learning is when…everything else stops, basically. LOL. I look forward to more education. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!

…oh, I forgot…

KJB❤ ❤ ❤


6 thoughts on ““Foundations of Makeup”

  1. I am soooo excited for you Erin!!!!!!!!! I attended some seminars he did with James Vicent at the makeup show so I could relate when you said he is a character!! I am so excited for you! So much knowledge and much more to come in your journey! What a great way to enter your third decade!! Woot Woot!!

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