Makeup Deliciousness

I was in Bergdorf Goodman not too long ago (a few hours ago), and came over to the Kevyn Aucoin counter after attending a lovely Guerlain makeup event.


Why are these so delicious-looking? I’d eat them if I could.

These are the well-known (but not nearly as much talked about, IMO) Sensual Skin Enhancers. You’ve seen me wear it in my FOTDs, and I’ve also mentioned it in a “favorites” post. I’m basically obsessed with this product. I love to stare at it, apply it to my face, watch others apply it to their faces, watch makeup artists apply it to others’ faces…read blog posts about it…watch YouTube videos about it. Ugh, I love it! I just HAD to take a picture…I mean…how could I NOT?!

Just felt like sharing. LOL! Thanks for reading. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Makeup Deliciousness

    • Totally understandable! The packaging would be my only complaint, as well. However, in order for them to put it in a tube, my fear is that they’d have to change the formula a bit. I don’t want that to EVER happen! LOL!

    • love both shades! I love to use 13 to color correct (undereye area). 12 is definitely quite olive, which is why it’s perfect for my skintone (when not super tanned)!

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