New contour powders…

…that are actually correct contour shades????

I received an email from Anastasia Beverly Hills yesterday stating that they have two new contour shades. What caught my eye is this…


Look at the two new shades…lemme blow it up a lil’ more:


What is this I see? Contour shades that actually have a grey undertone??? Well, I’ll be!!! While the texture is very nice, I find that her contour shades are too warm (orange or red) and that’s a bummer because as you can see there are SO many shades here. I find them more suitable as bronzers. Despite what you see on YouTube and Instagram, you cannot properly contour with orange or red-based colors because shadows are grey in undertone. Because I was excited about seeing these new shades, I ordered both. (Are you surprised?) I can’t wait to receive them and show you guys how they look.


3 thoughts on “New contour powders…

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