My personal ABH contour kit

I mentioned in my last post that I ordered the two newest contour shades that Anastasia Beverly Hills released.

I purchased the original contour kit about two years back (dang, time goes fast). I couldn’t get too much of a use out of it mainly because I was not really well-versed on contouring and when I finally was getting the hang of contouring…I couldn’t really use the shades. I mentioned that the contour shades were too warm (except Fawn…that is the coolest-toned one.) Finally, she released two new shades that are neutral/cool-toned and I had to get my hands on them! Well, they’re here…and I finally was able to create a contour kit that was more suitable for my skin tone. I like the fact that she gives you options to create your own contour and highlight palette. That is a very smart idea!

Here’s how my custom palette looks:


Java and Havana were in the original palette. If you look at those shades and then the bottom contour shades, you can see the difference in the undertones. Now I really don’t know why Java and Havana were sold as contour shades when they are CLEARLY too warm and they are more ideal to use as bronzers…or even an eye shadow. I like it as a lid color. They would also make great transition colors on the lids.


You can see how much cooler the bottom contour shades look in this photo. And you can see the difference between the bottom and top shades EVEN MORE.


Here’s how they look on my hands. I will admit, I was concerned that Ash Brown and Mink would be too light because they were described as being for light skin (read: the Caucasian persuasion), but to my surprise (and delight) I found them to be suitable for my skin tone as well.


Ash Brown and Mink looks the same but Ash Brown is actually darker and a bit more brown.


Here’s how they look with flash:



I’m pleased that I found my contour shades from this company. It is a much cheaper alternative than Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sculpting Powder (even though that stuff is the bomb!!!) The powders are quite smooth and they blend well and last throughout the day.

Oh…oops. ‘Forgot to show how it looks on my face. Today, I only have on Ash Brown to contour my cheekbones:

IMG_4235 IMG_4239

I will work with Mink another time, so look out for it my future FOTDs. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My personal ABH contour kit

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been seriously looking for the best contour color for my darker complexion and you seriously helped me out with your swatches and explanation.

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