MAC: The Matte Lip Collection

Okay…so you know I was excited as soon as I heard that MAC was coming out with a new collection of matte lipsticks…that are PERMANENT. Since they are permanent, you don’t have to run out and get them. Did that stop me from going HAM? Of course not. As much as I’ve moved on to other brands, I still rock with MAC when it comes to their lipsticks.

I don’t want to write any fluff, so I will get right to the first lipstick I purchased…which is Naturally Transformed! This is a nude lipstick…it’s sort of reminiscent of Siss lipstick, but in my opinion it’s not as “milky”, if that makes sense. It has enough brown/peach in it that it doesn’t look like you ate powdered donuts. I still would apply a brown lip liner being that for the darker ladies, it would look a tad bit pale. (It’s still not as bad as Siss, though. LOL) It applies quite nicely and is quite opaque.

Here’s a swatch:

picstitch (16)


And here’s how it looks on my lips (I added MAC Chestnut lip liner):





6 thoughts on “MAC: The Matte Lip Collection

  1. I went to MAC yesterday looking for a nude lipstick. I looked at Velvet Teddy. You make me want the one you’re wearing.

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