My Thoughts: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

As shown in the title of this blog post, I will be sharing my thoughts about the newest liquid foundation by Make Up For Ever!

It was first showcased to some of the public at The Makeup Show and then officially released last week at Sephora’s website and stores. Sephoras in JC Penney had first dibs in releasing the product. I’ve already gave a description of this product in a recent post, so I will get straight to the point.

SHADE: First let me say that I still love the fact that this foundation comes in forty shades and is divided into undertones, (Y) Yellow – yellow or golden undertones and (R) Red – pink or red undertones. Since I have golden olive undertones, I am [of course] in the Y section. I first purchased the shade Y425 (which is a brand new shade) and the shade/depth is pretty good, but I found the undertone to be slightly too warm for my complexion. This is not really a huge problem since I have powders that can “neutralize” the color. However, it is still annoying when you come across a foundation that is marketed as “yellow” or “golden” and it’s still too warm for your complexion. One day, I went on Sephora’s website and randomly checked the Color IQ section. I forgot I had this done about two years ago. (BTW: My color IQ is 3Y09.) I clicked on the link underneath my Color IQ number to see what shades of different foundations I was matched to. The Ultra HD foundation appeared in the results and it said that Y385 would be my actual shade. I picked it up and I must say…even though I have tanned a bit (since it’s Summer) it’s a SMIDGEN lighter than my shade, but the undertone is SPOT ON. Soooooooo, I know that in the Fall/Winter/Early Spring time this is my shade! Yay!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW WONDERFUL IT FEELS TO FIND A DAMN NEAR PERFECT MATCH??? Okay, I’ll calm down now. 🙂

CONSISTENCY: The feel is different than the older formulation. The consistency is thinner and I feel that it glides on nicer. It is also creamier. I like Ultra HD’s consistency better than the original.

APPLICATION: I have used brushes (especially the MUFE #108 brush), my fingers and a beauty blender sponge to apply this foundation. I like how they all apply the foundation. I would say my favorite way so far is the MUFE #108 brush and the Beauty Blender. I think the coverage is a bit lighter, but it’s still a buildable-coverage foundation.

WEAR TIME: I found that this formulation lasted much longer than the old one. I was only able to keep the old formulation on my T-zone for a few hours. I’m not even talking about oil breakthrough…it actually faded within a few hours. The Ultra HD foundation…I can wear it a solid eight hours and it doesn’t show any fading (unless you were wiping your nose with a tissue, then you’ll see a bit of transfer…but that’s to be expected.) I do get oil breakthrough but it doesn’t look gross, but more luminous instead. That’s nothing a blotting paper (or blotting powder) can’t fix. When I apply the foundation over Make Up For Ever’s Hydrating primer or Koh Gen Do’s Makeup Color Base…oooh, la la!!! The foundation also feels very comfortable on my skin. I do have to use a setting powder being that my skin is oily. I have worn this foundation in hot weather and it held up very well. I expected it to break apart on my face being that it’s quite hydrating, but nope!!! Oddly enough…I think that the fact it’s hydrating is what makes it work so nicely on my oily skin.

This wouldn’t be a true review post unless you see a swatch of my shade(s). I first swatched this a while ago at a Sephora-JC Penney:


The Y425 looks quite yellow-toned next to the Y455, but then when I swatched my Y385 with the rest of them:




…you can see how warm the undertone of the shade Y425 is.

As you can see in the above photos, I have another shade swatched which is Y455, and I ordered that shade as well because I will definitely be getting a nice tan from my upcoming vacation next month. I love how yellow/golden-undertoned the Y455 is. Y455 is also a brand new shade. I believe it’s perfect for those that find shade 177 too dark and 173 too light for them.

I also swatched the darkest yellow shades another time, at another Sephora – JC Penney. LOL. Check ’em out:

170=Y435 and 178=Y535 are missing...although I've seen Y535 before and it looks more red-undertoned. (I will swatch the darkest red-undertones shades in a bit, so look out for that post.)

170=Y435 and 178=Y535 are missing…although I’ve seen Y535 before and it looks more red-undertoned. (I will swatch the darkest red-undertones shades in a bit, so look out for that post.)

Bottom Line: This is a great foundation! I definitely prefer it over the original HD formula. I have been reaching for this foundation these past few weeks, especially since lately I’ve noticed that my skin has felt kind of a tingly sensation after apply the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I don’t know what’s going on, but hopefully I’ll figure out what’s up with that. It is still one of my top five foundations. The Ultra HD foundation hasn’t irritated my skin in any shape or form. It feels super comfortable on my skin, and as I stated before it lasts much longer on my skin than the original formula. I definitely recommend this foundation, but I suggest that you get shade matched first and/or get samples. ‘Buuuuuut I say that with every base product…always get shade matched. Well…that about wraps it up for “my thoughts”! 🙂

You can purchase this shade on Make Up For Ever’s official website and Sephora’s site and their stores (including JC Penney).


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