COVER FX is the BOMB for this!

So one day (3 days ago), I saw a COVER FX post on my Instagram feed stating:

SNEAK PEEK: We’re launching several new shades in our favorite foundations! 🎉 Can you guess which formulas are getting this major update? Share your best guesses in the comments below. 👇

Here was my guess (LOL):


And then I saw Danielle make a mention of COVER FX adding N120 in their shade range. (Actually…they had N120 before, but discontinued it…and then brought it back! Yay!)

…and thennnnnnn, I proceeded to go to Sephora’s website and lo and behold…BAM!!! There it is! New shades!!! Check this out:


They sure ‘nuf did release new shades! How exciting…and convenient!!! As you can see in the above photo, they added several darker shades of their Total Cover Cream Foundation! The shades include, P100, P110 and P120. (FYI: P is for Pink undertones). For the G (Golden) series, they added shades G90, G100 and G110. That personally made me happy being that when I tan, my undertone is still golden, but companies tend to make darker shades too red (or pink). Next:


As you can see in the above photo, they added several darker shades for their Pressed Mineral Foundation! They added the same shades as the Total Cover Cream…BUT…I noticed that they added N120 (for the ebony-hued ladies) annnnnd another new shade N85, which would be between N80 and N90. Great stuff. (FYI: The “X” on the colors mean that they haven’t stocked them yet.)

They did the same for their Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation, pictured below:


But wait…this is yet another great addition:


They also added new shades to cater to the ladies with olive undertones! (Woot, woot!!!) The new shades are G+40, G+50 and G+60! Now, this made me reeeeeeally excited!!! My guess is that when my tan fades (which won’t be for another 5-6 months) G+60 will be my shade. I’m normally a G70. It is not easy for olive-undertone folks to find shades in general, so this is a great addition.

I just wanted to share that, since I was very excited when I found out about this! For those of you that were interested in purchasing from this company but couldn’t find a match, I hope this was beneficial to know! 🙂


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