Happy New Year!!!

2015 went by sooooo quickly!!! It’s actually a bit scary to me. Anywho…

I apologize for not updating this blog often. I hide it very well…but my life hasn’t been going so swell…and besides writer’s block, that is another major reason for me not blogging as often. I plan to change that this year. I want to write more often, but I will be realistic about how often I will write. Every time I have these “grand” plans, they never fall through so, yea…enough of that.

I have a few posts in my drafts (why does this happen?) and I look forward to finishing them and sharing it with you all!

So, look forward to posts about:

  • My current obsession with foundations and why I no longer run out to get the next hottest foundation unless it carries my undertones.
  • New foundations I’ve purchased within the past few months
  • Lip of The Day posts…since another obsession of mine is liquid matte lipsticks.
  • Random FOTDs
  • Random ramblings about things beauty-related
  • Etc.


See you soon! 🙂


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