Sterling Minerals: Part 3 – Finishing Powders

Hello, everyone! I’m back with part 3 of my Sterling Minerals series. This time I’ll be talking about their finishing powders, which are called Mineral Veils. Sterling Minerals provides two different kinds of Mineral Veils. One is called Satin Rose and the other being Evening Rose.

These powders have two specific purposes. Let’s start with Satin Rose:

This Soft, Satin Finish veil offers a sheer lightweight feel that will help to set your mineral makeup and assist with slow oil absorption. Satin Rose Soft Finish is an excellent pore filler, blurs fine lines and wrinkles, and will look flawless and smooth all day. It will leave your skin with a non-drying protective veil helping prevent loss of precious moisture our skin desperately needs, especially as we get older. The feel is satiny and the look is translucent, never flat or totally matte, and a little goes a long way. With our Satin Rose Veil your face will never look chalky, just fresh and healthy.

You may reapply if your skin has been exposed to excessive humidity or perspiration after a workout. Otherwise, this formula has excellent staying power for the active, busy woman. This has a neutral color with a semi-matte finish that will add a luminous glow to your face. Using a moist brush with either Distilled Water or Perfect Balance Facial Toner will activate and set the rice powder to create a cooling sensation to the skin. It feels wonderful!

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Methicone, Mica, May Contain [+/- Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499]

…and now the description of Evening Rose:

Our new and improved Evening Soft Finish Veil has a dense creamy texture and is highly recommended for use at bedtime on a freshly washed and moisturized face to help soothe irritated or blemished skin overnight. Inflammation on the skin will appear improved and the redness neutralized the next morning. It is gentle enough for all skin types and will leave a soft, moisture rich velvety texture to your face. Kaolin Clay and Rice Powder are used in Ayurvedic Medicine in the form of poultices to help clean debris from pores and bring fast, soothing relief to skin ulcerations and bleeding pimples. Enjoy the addition of organic Jojoba Oil for its rich moisturizing and skin balancing benefits which assists in managing sebum production with skin softening results.

This works great for use over foundation for those with excessively oily and acne prone complexions. Along with our excellent Rose Petal Foundations this will further assist with preventing melt out, yet it won’t dry out your skin. Women who prefer a more matte finish, and men who suffer from razor burn irritation will notice a marked improvement. Zinc Oxide is known as a mild astringent for supporting skin health as it soothes. Just a touch is all you need!

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide [CI 77947], Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

My personal thoughts:


Satin Rose: I do like this powder! It does leave a blurred effect (which is great for the pores on the sides of my nose) and I like that it doesn’t have me looking like a ghost. With all that stated, I actually prefer the Evening Rose. And that’s not to say that the Satin Rose is bad or anything (I did say that I like it), but I just prefer the Evening Rose given my skin type. I will say that Satin Rose prevents sweat from developing over my top lip area, which is what that area normally does. LOL. That is a plus for me! I am happy to have this in my stash.

Evening Rose: I LOVE this powder to help keep my combination/oily skin at bay. By the end of the day, I’ll see some oil breakthrough (which is normal for my skin type)…but I look more dewy than oily. All I have to do is blot the oily areas, and VOILA…new again! I noticed that wherever I removed hair on my face (by using a razor), the powder calms down any irritation that occurred. I’ve only used this once as a “night treatment” and honestly I don’t really need it because I don’t suffer from acne or any serious skin conditions. *knocks on wood* ‘But this is great for oil absorption! It does provide a matte finish, but it’s a nice matte not a “matte and flat” look. I haven’t tried applying it before foundation and then on top of the foundation (because I don’t need primer with their foundation), but it’s definitely something to consider. I also love that it practically disappears into my skin and like the Satin Rose, does not have me looking ghastly.


Here’s a swatch of the powders:

SMPowderSwatch SMPowderSwatch2


That wraps it up for my powders post. Stay tuned for the bronzer and eye shadow post! 🙂


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