Sterling Minerals – Bronzers

Hello, everyone! I’m here talking ’bout bronzers…again from the company, Sterling Minerals. I believe bronzers are a necessity in anyone’s makeup collection. You may have one of those days when your skin needs some “warming” up. Some people’s skin may not be able to take bronzers from the bigger (or more well-known) companies, so this company again is a great option!

Here’s a description of their bronzers:

Our Mineral Makeup Bronzers create a natural luster to skin and they’re wonderful for giving you that sun-kissed glow without the harsh effects from the sun.

For a luminous, healthy glow, apply our bronzer after your Mineral Foundation or wear alone for a beautiful subtle tan. You choose the finish you desire, either with a soft warm glow, golden caramel or a rich copper bronze. They will never appear flat, orange or muddy!

The minerals and botanicals we’ve added to our Mineral Bronzer include the skin protectant Rice Powder, Zinc Oxide and Allantoin.


These can be added to your favorite Rose Petal Foundation for deepening your makeup shade to give you a healthy, luminous finish during those summer months.

Available in your choice of 3 shades for a neutral light skin tone, a golden caramel tone and deep neutral warm to cool skin tone.

Her bronzers come in three different shades, starting with – Sunny Rose

For women or men that have very fair to light skin yet want to generate a healthy, subtle, soft dewy glow to their complexion. Perfect for those who could never wear a bronzer before. This neutral shade gives a refreshed (just stepped in from the outdoors) appearance to the face and it is so perfect for creating a soft focus on the skin, it makes an excellent all over face color. This was created for women to wear alone or over their foundation for a pretty, feminine look.

Golden Rose

For women or men that have strong warm tones of golden caramel brown in the summer months. Adds a natural warm healthy bare skinned look to your face and will help even out skin tone with the excellent light refracting properties of this mineral bronzer. Appears subtle and natural on the skin and will warm up cool skin tones.

….and Copper Rose.

For women or men that tan to a deep brown during the summer months. Beautiful sun-kissed warmth is given to the skin while providing a nice even complexion. Infused with gold and copper to create a luscious brown undertone. Excellent for warm, neutral to cool toned skin. Copper Rose will help to counteract sallow skin tones, especially in the winter time, and appears subtle and natural on the face.

My thoughts on each bronzer:

Sunny Rose: Of course this is too light for me to use as a bronzer, so I use it to highlight. It gives me an natural, ethereal glow. I like that it highlights without making your face look intensely greasy or too metallic. Very natural!

Golden Rose: This is a beautiful warm brown color. Perfect for those that have golden undertones. I’ve been using this quite often! I just love it! It lasts all day long. Since I haven’t made a huge progression from being heavy-handed, I always have to keep in mind that I HAVE to use this sparingly.

Copper Rose: I surprisingly like this shade! I thought it would be too red, but it’s actually not bad at all. I think it also depends on the lip color I’m wearing. I can see this working for me whenever my skin gets a serious tan from vacation. I still prefer the Golden Rose, but this is a very nice shade.

I love that these bronzers apply so smoothly and they last all day long! It’s worth every dollar, IMO.


Here’s a swatch of it on my hand:


Sunny Rose – Golden Rose – Copper Rose

And I will end my post showing how each bronzer looks on my face. Starting with Sunny Rose:

IMG_1680 (1)

In this photo, I’m wearing Sunny Rose on the tip of my nose and on my chin. Quite subtle.

And Golden Rose:



I am wearing Golden Rose on the perimeter of my face. I especially do this whenever I wear dark lips because it makes my skin appear pale.

And lastly Copper Rose:

IMG_4416 (1)

As you can see per my forehead and cheeks, this gives me a reddish type of warmth. It doesn’t look bad even though my undertones are golden-olive.


Stay tuned for my last Sterling Minerals regarding eye shadows. 🙂


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